Final piece in the series: Black Mamba

So I've taken this as far as I want to take it I think. Final piece in the puzzle is titled, obviously, "Black Mamba" in honour of the Lakers 2-guard. Who, I genuinely thought was over the hill in the first half of last night's USA v AUS game. And then he scored like 20 points in 2 minutes. Yeah, okay. We get it. You're good. Here's your poster.

Edit: Updated with Behance Project link. All been added to the portfolio now.

A2 Size, I'm working on a way to sell these real soon if you're interested. Hit me up on twitter if you wanna learn more about procuring them. 

Fear The Beard

I was rooting for the Thunder all through the Finals but - the King would not be denied. I'd be shocked if there wasn't a championship in the near future for the Thunder though. Here's hoping.

Black and Blue.

Black and Blue and Black and White versions available to download. (1680x1050px). If enough interest is there, I could make an A2 print of this available to buy. Lemme know if you'd like that on twitter.

Black & White