December 2011

It seems for every time I've posted a new wallpaper - I've began with an apology. And I'm a stickler for tradition so - sorry. On the final hurdle I dropped the ball and it's the latest of all. A month and a day late in fact. But its finally here. In case you still want to use it and want to remain chronologically current, I've included a version with the text replaced with the word January. Or you could just use this tailor-made wallpaper for the month of January.




How I Made It: Friday Night Lights Posters

So, recently I created two posters in honour of one of my favourite shows of all time, Friday Night Lights, airing its final episode. These are those posters.

The idea for the posters started off a little different and in fact looked a lot different through the making of the poster - and only coming up to the finishing touches did I decide to change it up entirely.  The reasons for that will become clear in a bit. 

However, the first thing I did, as you probably always should, is brainstorm some ideas, draw out a couple thumbnails in your notebook of choice. Here are a couple of layouts/concepts I was thinking about.


The bottom right poster is probably the closest to the final piece but there are still some major changes between the two but again that's part of the process. After that, I made a final A3 sketch and scanned that in. Had to do it in two halves and stitch it back together in Photoshop due to only having a lowly A4 scanner/printer combo.

You can see the final idea I was going for in this poster. Two halves, one in the day, the other in the night - the football field in view and the helmet floating eerily over it. This didn't work so well when painting it in Photoshop. Once the scans were stitched together in Photoshop, I'd dump the source images I used as inspiration into the .PSD file and start creating vector paths using the pen tool for the source images to create the base layers for the things such as the helmet and the field etc.


Here's a crossfade between the pencils layer and the stock dump layer where I kept all the sources for reference.


Here's the football helmet with all the vector paths placed and to the right of that the paths panel showing all the paths I created for the poster.

And here it is with those base layers filled in.


Once I got past that point, all I did to add some depth and weight to the helmet was create a new layer and set it to overlay, select the brush tool and pick a somewhat fuzzy brush with a middling opacity and flow. Pick a light source in my mind, i.e. where the lights and shadows are going to appear on the helmet and brush away using my Wacom Bamboo tablet. White for the highlights and black for the shadows. I may have also used the dodge and burn tools - I don't honestly remember. 


Anyways, thats how I made these 2 posters. Hopefully the next one will be better. 




I decided to start a new project. 12 posters in 12 weeks. 1 for each monh of the year, covering the 4 seasons of the year. I'll try and fit in some holidays as well. 

This is the first.


dA project page. (Head here if you want a wallpaper version.)


The Seed

So this is what I've been working on for the past few weeks. Well months with some extended breaks but here it is. A short mini-comic titled, "The Seed". Written by Joel Forster, a very good friend of mine, Physicist in training and Alan Moore wannabe, and the art by me. Kumail Rizvi. Here's the cover and the final comic (coming in at about 10 pages) will be uploaded over the next few days. If you're thinking "Hey! This is really good - I mean the writing is alright but the art! Wowzars! Can I buy this?"


Well you can't. Not right now anyways. The thinking is we can't sell a 10 page comic. We can't do that. So we're thinking this is gonna be the first in a series of mini-comics. We'll give you the details when we sort that out. What we know now is the 3 comics will all be different ( 1 Sci-Fi, 1 Fantasy and 1 Horror), very short (10-20 pages each) and all written by Joel and the art by me.

Here's the cover. Full comic can be found here.




Click for a big pretty version.

What I've been working on (& what's to come)

So a couple of things. Just as I finish the first comic I've ever made (which I may post online - we'll see) I got to work on the second. The Seed written by my good friend Joel and the art by myself. 3 days of work and 3 pages of work to show for it - I think I'm doing ok. So the plan is, its going to be a 10-11 page mini-comic (webcomic?) and we'll consider it a success when we get enough money for 2 kebabs. That's a success.


Here's a little taste of it.



Speaking of art-related things, I've got some mock-ups for a couple posters I've been thinking up - based on the recent videogames and movies I've played, watched and most importantly of all, loved. Look for a Professor Layton poster, a Brothers Bloom poster and possibly a Friday Night Lights one. 


Oh, and there's some progress on the Thailand trip. I think. We'll see.