May 2011 : Thailand

3 days into the new month and the wallpaper is done. This one I like. And I enjoyed making it. Tryed out some new things, reused some old techniques in slightly different ways. Anyways here it is.



Download here.

deviantArt project page.

What do Asian elephants have to do with the month of May I here you ask? Well, recently, I spent 2 weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There I went, with my Habitat for Humanity team (something I HIGHLY recommend you do - will follow up in a further post on my trip. With photos.) to The Elephant Conservation Centre where we took part in an Elephant Mahout Training Camp. 2 days spent riding the elephants, performing with them, bathing (with) them. An amazing experience but I would be totally fine if I never did it again. Cleanliness isn't high on the priorities of an Elephant.

Anyways, hope you like the piece - if you wanna talk to me about it or Thailand or anything, hit me up on twitter or email (