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Halfway Through The Gap Year: A Progress Update

Back in Early October, I set out a couple of goals I wanted to accomplish before the year was out and I started university. 4 months later, to the day, I wanted to check in and see how progress has come along. It's not quite Steve Kamb's Epic Quest of Awesome but then - what is?
My updates are in Bold and in italics.
  • Learn to drive and earn my driver's license. [ ] Got the forms in order for my provisional - just need the cheque, then will send off, then learn, then take the tests. That's all. I got my provisional license back in...November? I haven't done anything with it since but let it gather dust.
  • Learn to ride a bicycle. [ ] Mayaswell. I have the time. I still have yet to do this.
  • Travel to another country and do something real - like build a house. [ ] Hopefully the Thailand trip will be this. Will write a further post on this when done or not done as the case may be. So progress is being made on this. Deposit has been paid on the trip - the rest being paid next month, so things are looking good.
  • Sell all the stuff I don't need or want anymore. Games, books, DVDs etc. [ ] Already donated the clothes I don't wear/don't fit me anymore. Also, some money would be nice. I sold my old iMac and reduced the amount of stuff I bought but haven't really done this yet.
  • Get fit. 75-85 kg with muscle. [ ] 91kg. New low and almost there. 86kg. Almost there. Should be in the best shape of my life in time for the trip.
  • Get accepted to a university I'd be happy to go to. [ X ] Working on it. Personal statement to edit still. Accepted to the University of Brighton, UWE Bristol and waiting on the University of Cardiff. Yeah - this one is done.
  • Sell a work of art. [ X ] Help me with this? You could buy one on the right! You still can but some wonderful person out there bought my first ever poster - the Back to the Future piece on deviantArt. For that, I will always be thankful to them.
  • Draw, ink, colour and publish my first ever comic. [ X ] Not written by me but should be coming soon. Another post for that. Well The Seed was released as was the holiday one-pager so technically I think I accompolished but the real deal starts with the next project.
  • Finish KRvsTS [ ] Quarter of the way through. Hopefully will be done by 2011. Please God, let it be done by 2011. I finished it long before 2011.
  • Make one new friend. [ ] Jury is still out. Still out.
  • Go to a gig. [ ] Several [ ] Went to see Stars in September who were awesome. Hopefully got some more lined up soon. None yet. I could have gone to a couple, but I do not want to be the guy who is going to gigs by himself. But then Explosions in the Sky announced a date they're playing in Camden at the Roundhouse (my favourite venue) after the release of their new album. I immediately bought two tickets.
  • Edit the Lanzarote video together and upload it. [ X ] 5 minutes done of it. Will be done by my birthday I hopes. All done and uploaded. Fun times.
  • Get first job. X ] Done. Yes. As a maths tutor. I kind of like it. Got a second as well. Temp work to help with the money for the Thailand trip but counts all the same.


So 4 months into the Gap Year. I've made some serious progress. Out of 14 goals, I've completed 7 of them. 50% completed in less than half the year. That, my friends, is efficient. So to that end, I decided to add some more goals. Only a couple - because clearly these 14 weren't enough. 


  • First off, complete and release the first chapter of the new project I am working on with Joel. This is all on me, considering he's essentially finished the script on this. So thats, layouts (done), pencils, inks, colours and lettering. Easy enough. (Some clues on the new project - it deals with metal and water.) [ ]
  • Create 3 more posters to the best of my ability before I leave for Thailand. This is an addition to the wallpapers/posters I am working on, on my Months project. [ ]
  • Gain some rudimentary programming knowledge and skill. I read through the lifehacker posts on learning basic programming in javascript (which were really great). I'm going to practice some more in Javascript before moving on to either actionscript or python depending on where my next project with Joel goes. [ ]

So three extra goals I definitely think I can do. In addition to what's already set before me. Realistically speaking its not likely I'll learn to drive and pass my test this year with the costs associated with doing such a thing. And I'm ok with that.

As long as I learn to ride a bike at some point.

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