The Seed

So this is what I've been working on for the past few weeks. Well months with some extended breaks but here it is. A short mini-comic titled, "The Seed". Written by Joel Forster, a very good friend of mine, Physicist in training and Alan Moore wannabe, and the art by me. Kumail Rizvi. Here's the cover and the final comic (coming in at about 10 pages) will be uploaded over the next few days. If you're thinking "Hey! This is really good - I mean the writing is alright but the art! Wowzars! Can I buy this?"


Well you can't. Not right now anyways. The thinking is we can't sell a 10 page comic. We can't do that. So we're thinking this is gonna be the first in a series of mini-comics. We'll give you the details when we sort that out. What we know now is the 3 comics will all be different ( 1 Sci-Fi, 1 Fantasy and 1 Horror), very short (10-20 pages each) and all written by Joel and the art by me.

Here's the cover. Full comic can be found here.




Click for a big pretty version.