The Gap Year List [Updated 28.10.10]

What I want to get done this year:


  • Learn to drive and earn my driver's license. [ ] Got the forms in order for my provisional - just need the cheque, then will send off, then learn, then take the tests. That's all.
  • Learn to ride a bicycle. [ ] Mayaswell. I have the time.
  • Travel to another country and do something real - like build a house. [ ] Hopefully the Thailand trip will be this. Will write a further post on this when done or not done as the case may be.
  • Sell all the stuff I don't need or want anymore. Games, books, DVDs etc. [ ] Already donated the clothes I don't wear/don't fit me anymore. Also, some money would be nice.
  • Get fit. 75-85 kg with muscle. [ ] 91kg. New low and almost there.
  • Get accepted to a university I'd be happy to go to. [ ] Working on it. Personal statement to edit still.
  • Sell a work of art. [ ] Help me with this? You could buy one on the right! --->
  • Draw, ink, colour and publish my first ever comic. [ ] Not written by me but should be coming soon. Another post for that.
  • Finish KRvsTS [X] Quarter of the way through. Hopefully will be done by 2011. Please God, let it be done by 2011.
  • Make one new friend. [ ] Jury is still out.
  • Go to a gig. [X] Several [ ] Went to see Stars in September who were awesome. Hopefully got some more lined up soon.
  • Edit the Lanzarote video together and upload it. [X ] 5 minutes done of it. Will be done by my birthday I hopes.
  • Get first job. [X] Done. Yes. As a maths tutor. I kind of like it.


4 / 14 = 28.6% complete.


So thats it. The checklist for the year. I will be updating this, adding to it if I get things done. When I get things done.


Comment on any things you might be upto on your gap year, or previous gap years. Would be awesome to hear about it for ideas.